About Us

Tongariro Guided Walks, (formerly called Walking Places Jan 2004 - late 2015) was started out of a desire to provide the best possible guided walking experience in and around the Tongariro National Park. Owner and Head Guide, Terry Blumhardt moved to the Central Plateau in 1993, to complete a National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation.  Living and working in this area, it is easy to fall in love with the place!  Since 1993 his involvement in the adventure tourism industry has included seven years working full time, (and still working part-time), as a Whitewater Rafting Guide both in New Zealand and overseas, guiding numerous other adventure activities, and of course, as a Walking Guide since 1998.

Alongside these adventure skills, Terry has a dedication to community service organisations such as being a team leader for Turangi Search and Rescue, as well as having previously been an Ambulance Officer and First Aid Instructor, he continues to work instructing Search and Rescue and Bush Leader skills. As you can imagine, your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us!  These two parts of a busy life have developed many complimentary skills, as well as great life experience.

The Staff employed by Tongariro Guided Walks come from a variety of specialty backgrounds, all with the adventure tourism industry as a common thread, including the likes of the Ski or Rafting industry, and many have similar involvement in Search and Rescue organisations, giving them an excellent blend of know-how, and the ability to relate to people.

There are many reasons to choose a guided walking experience. Some people seek the safety and reassurance they have local knowledge on weather and track conditions, while others are looking for the story behind the landscape. Many use the opportunity to spend a day with 'one of the locals', or maybe you just want someone to make the most of your time by finding you the most scenic spots, and take care of all of the bother about how to get there and back, and what to take along.

Whatever your reason, contact us, and we will be happy to help make your time in this fantastic area the best it can be.