How It Works

We are about quality guided walking experiences!


Email, text message or phone us. We may not be able to answer immediately as we may be out and about guiding, but we will get back to you!

Our enquiry page asks you some questions to give us a good idea of what sort of experience you are interested in.

We will respond with further information about creating a quality guided walking experience to suit you. This might include questions and information about where we will pick you up from, timings of the day and what clothing or equipment you might wish to borrow from us.

Travelling Alone?  If you are travelling alone we can add you to a Group that might already be booked, or create a booking just for you.  If we create a trip just for you the price will reflect that it is for just one person, usually with a single person surcharge added to the usual price.  If others book and join you on the day, we refund that surcharge on the day which will reduce the price to the regular rate.  The other option is to create a Private Hike just for you which will guarantee an exclusive experience with just you and your Guide.


We ask that you stay in touch, and two days before the hike we ask that you contact us either by email, text message or preferably an evening phone call so that we can discuss your well-being (things change) and the weather (it is very changeable, but we should have a better idea by now) and finalise details around pick-up times.


We pick you up from the place that we arranged with you and bring any equipment and/or clothing that you might have requested. As well as this we provide bottled water, lunch and snacks for a full-day walker, or water and snacks for the half day trips.

The journey begins and your knowledgeable guide is with you every step of the way, there to answer your questions (we love questions), provide encouragement and allow you to make the  most of your precious time in the area by telling you the stories of the things that you are looking at.

At the end of the day we return you to your hotel or vehicle.

One easy, fun and convenient package designed to suit you as best as we can manage.