Clothing & Equipment

Tongariro Guided Walks recommends that clients carry a few essential items for their comfort and safety

What to wear.

The best-dressed walkers wear shirts, pullovers and pants made of modern synthetic fibers or wool that move moisture away from the skin and won’t get cold when wet. 

Cotton T Shirts get cold when they get damp, Jeans or heavy cotton trousers are never suitable.  Cotton socks get freezing cold if they get wet, woolen or polypropelene are much better.


  • Please remember any personal medication you might need to keep close.

  • Sunhats are good at any time of year

  • Sunglasses - recommended in summer and essential if walking on snow

  • Sunscreen - essential in summer and still vital if walking on snow

  • You will want to have some form of Camera

Must-have things that we can provide for free to our Clients include:

  • A back-pack big enough for everything you might need

  • Raincoat and over-trousers

  • Warm polarfleece or woolen pullover (essential even in summer)

  • Warm polarfleece or woolen hat

  • Perhaps some warm gloves

  • Walking poles are available if you like them

  • Boots are also available for free if you tell us your size when you make your booking

  • Lightweight summer trousers are available

  • Warm polarfleece pants for winter hikes

  • Ice Axe, Helmet and Crampons for the winter walks that need them

What are Crampons?

This is a question that we are often asked.  These steel spikes are used on Winter walks where the snow-covered ground is steep and potentially icy.  By strapping crampons onto our a good firm pair of boots we can have much better grip.  Not every track that we walk in winter needs crampons, but they are typically used on the Winter Tongariro Alpine Crossing trip. 

We will check your boots for crampon suitability, or you can use our boots.  If we use Crampons, we will have an Ice Axe and Helmet each as well.


Some of our tracks are very well formed and might be fine with regular sports shoes, but sturdy hiking boots are the best footwear to cope with the uneven terrain and are essential if there is any snow lying on the track, or we are expecting to wear crampons. Tongariro Guided Walks has a range of boots available for smaller groups days. We will discuss this with you at the time of booking, but do let us know if you think you need help with this.

Walking Poles

Walking poles are becoming increasingly popular, so bring your own, or Tongariro Guided Walks can provide some on the day.  We encourage the use of rubber tips on the spike of the poles, to prevent damage to the tracks and track edges.


Don’t forget any personal medication that you may need to have with you.  For your safety and comfort, you will be asked a few questions regarding your current health, to ensure that you have the best possible day. Even the ‘flu a few days prior to your walk could affect you more than you may expect at altitude.