Frequently Asked Questions

What transport is included in the Price?

We provide free pick-up and drop-off from accommodation in National Park or Whakapapa Villages. 

Staying in Taupo or Turangi? Private shuttles can be arrange if available contact us for rates. Note the drive to the start of the Tongariro Alpine crossing is 1.5 hours from Taupo so you may consider staying closer especially during the winter seasons as the roads may be icy in the mornings. We prefer you to stay in National Park for this hike so you do not have to drive the icy roads.


What gear is included in the price?  Will I need to hire anything extra?

You must have your own - Warm hat & gloves, Sunglasses, sunscreen food & water.

We include all of the clothing and gear that you will need in the price, including boots.  Our Clothing and Equipment page explains everything that you need to know.


Will you guide us up Mt Ngauruhoe?

Our Tongariro Alpine Crossing trip goes along the base of Mt Ngauruhoe and if the clouds allow, we should get great views of this beautiful volcanic cone.  There are a number of reasons that we don't guide groups up the mountain itself.  The sacredness of the summits within Maori culture are acknowledged by us at Tongariro Guided Walks, so we respect the request not to stand on the highest summits of any of the mountains of Tongariro National Park.  This, along with the fact that the climb up is not without risk from rocks rolling down from other climbers, climbing the upper slopes of Ngauruhoe is something that we do not offer.

What is your cancellation policy?

We believe that your time in New Zealand is precious.  We always try to re-schedule your trip, or offer an alternative hike if the weather is not suitable to hike where you booked to go.  If the weather is really bad everywhere, we will cancel entirely.  We will often know (or at least suspect) it might cancel two days ahead.  If we cancel the trip due to the weather, we offer full refund, less any booking fees, so you can go somewhere else (to different weather) and make the most of other things that might work.  If you cancel the trip due to other reasons with less than 48 hours notice we will retain some of your payment.  Cancellations with 48 hours notice will mean a refund less booking fees.

Could I travel by another shuttle company and meet you?

To keep our trips special we do not operate to the same time-table as shuttle bus companies.  We will not rush the clients on our trips along so that you can match up with another company's transport.  Many people who travel by shuttle bus companies do not have any idea of what they are looking at as they walk, so they hurry along and finish much quicker than us.

I am traveling alone.  Does that affect the price?

If you are traveling alone we can add you to a Group that might already be booked, or create a booking just for you.  If we create a trip just for you the price will reflect that it is for just one person, usually with a single person surcharge added to the usual price.  Please contact us directly via the Enquiry page, so we can check if there is a trip already operating that we can join you on to.

Will we see the Emerald Lakes on a half-day Tongariro Alpine Experience?

The Emerald Lakes (Nga Rotopounamu) are up in the middle of Mt Tongariro, as is Blue Lake.  It takes half a day to walk there and half a day to walk back, so we can't show you the Emerald Lakes unless you commit to a full day of walking.  Thankfully there are no 4WD tracks or helicopter trips that will get you there either!

So, how do I make a booking?

If there are two or more of you, click on the Book now button to go directly to our Credit card booking facility.  Otherwise, make an enquiry, letting us know which hike and when you are interested in going.  Alternatively you can Email, text message, WhatsApp or phone us.  We may not be able to answer immediately as we may be out and about guiding, but we will get back to you!  Our enquiries page asks you some questions to give us a good idea of what sort of experience you are interested in.  We will respond with further information to create a quality guided walking experience to suit you.  This might include questions and information about where we will pick you up from, timings of the day and what clothing or equipment you might wish to borrow from us.

After I have booked, what next?

Two days before the hike, check-in with us either by e-mail or SMS text message, or preferably an afternoon phone call to that we can discuss your well-being (things change) and the weather (it is very changeable, but we should have a better idea by now) and finalise details around pick-up location, pick up time and confirm that we have your shoe size etc.

On the day of the hike we pick you up from the place that we arranged with you and bring any equipment and/or clothing that you might have requested.  The journey begins and your knowledgeable guide is with you every step of the way, there to answer your questions (we love questions), provide encouragement and allow you to make the  most of your precious time in the area by telling you the stories of the things that you are looking at.  At the end of the day we return you to your hotel or vehicle.  One easy, fun, all inclusive package.

Are the volcanoes in the Tongariro National Park Active?

Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu are all considered to be active volcanoes, that are closely monitored by various government agencies. Tongariro Guided Walks checks the GeoNet website ( before every trip departs and is included in additional notification systems.