Lake Rotopounamu

This absolute gem of a walk is in stunning native forest, nestled on the flanks of beautiful Mt Pihanga. The pristine forest is home to an abundance of native bird life. Please note, we create these trips on demand, so if you're a solo traveler, please contact us to check if there is a trip you can join on to.

Distance: 5km Allow: 2-3 hours Climb: 100m Descent: 100m


This really is one of the best walks in this area. Fine specimens of some of New Zealand’s most primitive trees, surrounding the serene Lake Rotopounamu.

A well maintained walking track around this lake provides a wonderful snap shot of New Zealand in any weather. Allow two and a half or three hours as there is a lot to see and learn about.

Which best describes you?

Traveling as two or more: NZ$120.00 per person, Shared Group rate. Groups no larger than 8 per guide.

Traveling Solo: if you book in on a Shared Group Trip for NZ$120.00, but no-one else has booked for that trip, we will only charge a single person surcharge of an additional NZ$70.00 (making it a total of NZ$190.00) on the day if we need to run a trip just for you.  You can email or message us to check. 

Private Guided trip: ​NZ$190.00 per person for two or more people.

Private Guided Solo Traveler: NZ$270.00 guarantees it will just be you and the Guide on the trip.



There is a real abundance of things to see on

any given day.  Ferns, both large and small,

giant trees, delicate mosses, and iconic

New Zealand insects, the list goes on.

There are numerous projects underway around

this Lake to preserve this beautiful area and

your Guide can fill you in on these




We are so very lucky to have this fantastic

walk so close to Turangi in the

northern-most part of Tongariro National



  • Boots
  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Lunches extra charge
  • Meeting point pick-up & drop-off

Lake Rotopounamu Photo Gallery