Finding the right style of trip for you.

  • There are two or more of us and we would be happy to hike with other people.  Join-a-Group NZ$220.00 per person for a full day hike, (NZ$120.00 per person for a half day hike).  Groups do not get larger than 8 Clients per Guide.
  • There are two or more of us and we would like a guided trip just for us, with no-one else joining us.  A Private Guided trip is $345.00 per person for two or more people on a full day hike, (NZ$190.00 per person for a half day hike).
  • I am traveling alone and I would like to join others for the hike.  If there are others already booked for the date that you have chosen, it will be a Join-a-Group price of NZ$220.00 for a full day hike (NZ$120.00 for a half day hike) If no-one has booked for the date that you have chosen, but you are willing to let others join you, we will book you in at the Join-a-Group rate of NZ$360.00 for a full day hike, (NZ$190.00 for a half day), which will reduce to NZ$220.00, (NZ$120.00 for a half day)  if someone else books in on your trip.
  • I am traveling alone and I would like to book a Private Guided trip just for me at NZ$495.00, so that I can guarantee there will only be my Guide and I.

Please e-mail us if you are traveling alone at so that we can check if there are others booked on the date that you are wanting.

Our rates are based on a full day, half day or overnight rate, rather than many different prices for many different walks. This makes it easy to tailor your day to the variables, such as weather, that no-one can control. Tongariro Guided Walks will always endeavour to give you the best possible option given the weather of the day.

What is usually included in the Price?

  • Pick up from Turangi, National Park Village, Whakapapa Village, or car parks in between is included. We will pick you up from your accommodation or a meeting point we decide upon and deliver you back at the end of the day.  Other areas (eg: Taupo) will cost extra.
  • Lunch and bottled water included on all full day hikes, available on request for half day walks for NZ$20.00 per  person.
  • Rain-wear and warm clothing if you need it.
  • Walking poles and backpacks
  • Boots are available on request.
  • Winter trips will have ice and snow gear provided for trips that need it, (Crampons, Ice Axes, Helmets).
  • A helpful, friendly and knowledgeable Guide for the whole trip!

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page and our Clothing & Equipment page.

We accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard.

As we will have to bear some costs for any cancellations of your choice within 24 hrs of the hike, so we will take a NZ$50.00 deposit upon booking. This is a good reason to have travel insurance.

If weather forces us to cancel the trip you will receive a full refund.

Multi Day Walks

Multi day option prices available on application.

Half day walks can have lunch provided at a cost of $20.00 per person.


Tongariro Guided Walks reserves the right to alter the itinerary based on weather conditions and other such events.  We will do this as much as possible in consultation with you, so please stay in touch in the days leading up to the hike.

All prices are quoted in NZ$ and include Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Although every effort is taken to ensure your comfort and safety, walkers do so at their own risk.