Tongariro Gems

Tongariro Gems

Difficulty: Easy Allow: 6-8 hours Distance: Personalised

Easy walks in and around the varied landscapes of the Whakapapa area of Mt. Ruapehu. A great option if the weather is not suitable for the Tongariro Crossing or other high altitude walks.

There are more than enough choices to fill an entire day, we can mix and match to suit your energy levels and abilities.

Which one of these best describes your situation?

  • There are two or more of us and we would be happy to hike with other people.  Join-a-Group NZ$220.00 per person for a full day hike.  Groups do not get larger than 8 Clients per Guide.
  • There are two or more of us and we would like a guided trip just for us, with no-one else joining us.  A Private Guided trip is $345.00 per person for two or more people on a full day hike.
  • I am traveling alone and I would like to join others for the hike.  If there are others already booked for the date that you have chosen, it will be a Join-a-Group price of NZ$220.00 for a full day hike.  If no-one has booked for the date that you have chosen, but you are willing to let others join you, we will book you in at the Join-a-Group rate of NZ$360.00 for a full day hike, which will reduce to NZ$220.00,   if someone else books in on your trip.
  • I am traveling alone and I would like to book a Private Guided trip just for me at NZ$495.00, so that I can guarantee there will only be my Guide and I.






Taranaki Falls walk offers a mix of open grasslands, summer-time alpine flowers, expansive views of Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe and lush Mountain Beech Forest.

Silica Rapids track moves through Mountain beech forest, over board-walked alpine bogs and past ancient lava flows. 

With luck we may see native Karerarea (NZ Falcons) hunting in the open grasslands.

These Silica formations are the only one of this kind in Tongariro National Park.

There might be an opportunity to head up and visit a ski-field on an active volcano.

While there, the topic of conversation may move to talk of Orcs, Hobbits and epic battles!