Whakapapaiti Valley

Spectacularly barren rocky alpine terrain gives way to a tussock grass-filled valley. With delicate alpine plants, a river crossing, boardwalks over eerie alpine bog-land, beech forest, and stunning views of Mt Ruapehu, this walk has much to offer, all without having to climb over a mountain!

Difficulty: Moderate

Allow: 6-8 hours

Distance: 10 - 14km

Total Climb: 420 -500m
Total Descent: 420-500m

Not a busy track, it is one of the places to go to avoid crowds and enjoy the solitude of the wilderness.

With lots of variety in the landsacape and lots of choices to make the walk longer if you wish, we can add on a little extra distance with some variations to our route.


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Whakapapaiti Valley Itinerary


Join-a-Group: ​NZ$220.00 per person for a full day hike.  Groups do not get larger than 8 Clients per Guide. If no-one has booked for the date that you have chosen, but you are willing to let others join you, we will book you in at the Join-a-Group rate of NZ$360.00 for a full day hike, which will reduce to NZ$220.00,   if someone else books in on your trip.

Private Guided trip: ​$345.00 per person for two or more people on a full day hike.

Private Guided trip: NZ$495.00 for one